10 Steps to execute Selenium-IDE HTML Scripts using Selenium RC

Selenium Core

1. Install Selenium IDE firefox addons in firefox Browser
2. Created a new Test Case and Test Suite
3. Save this Test Case and Test Suite in .HTML format
4. Saved by the of name (Sample.HTML)
5. You will need to download and install the latest Java JRE on your system. You can find this at http://java.sun.com.
6. Downloaded the Selenium RC zip file and Extract it in the Local drive (C:\selenium\selenium-rc)
7. Also Download Selenium Core zip file and Extract it in the Local drive (C:\selenium\selenium-core)
8. Now create .bat file using following command to execute Test Suite.html in Selenium Core. We are going to use the HTMLSuite commands of the Selenium Remote Control. This allows you run your Selenese Test Suites as is. The command should look like java -jar selenium-server.jar -htmlsuite .
Browser could be : -*firefox
-*custom /path/to/browser

The path to the test suite and the results file should be a full path.

Here is an example command:

java -jar selenium-server.jar -htmlsuite *firefox http://prashantvadher.blogspot.in c:\selenium\testsuite\testsuite.html c:\selenium\testsuite\results.html

Selenium Core


9. Double click on this .bat file to execute Testsuite.html.
10. After successfully completion of it, Open results.html result file to check Test Result.

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