Brief Description about Different Software Testing Domains

Brief Description about Different Software Testing Domains

Most of the times, we testers keep shifting from different projects. These projects can be in the same domain or different like Retail, Utilities, Healthcare, e-commerce, banking etc.... Here is a brief description about different domains, which may help most of the testers to understand the importance of Domain Knowledge.

BFSI stands for Banking, Financial Services and Insurance.
The term BFSI is used very commonly by IT/ITES/BPO Organizations which refers to the services provided by these companies in these domains.

Banking includes core banking, retail, corporate and cards.
Financial Services include stock-broking, Payment gateways, mutual funds etc. Insurance covers both life and non life.

Scope of Software Testing:

The large and growing changes in the Global Financial Service have created the need for new IT solutions. These are needed in the real time with unremitting availability, providing reliability with high security. In order to improve the customer centricity in the financial industry, service providers are demanded to create innovative methods to increase the customer focus, to optimize business process and to consolidate IT systems.

Since the finance industry is indulged with large volume of transactions, there is a need for defect free software which should be absolutely critical. As the BFSI sectors are very well aware of the loss of business, reputation and revenues which occurs due to the single error, there is a need of Software Testing and retesting of the systems, process and protocols in order to improve high efficiency , Quality and Security of the BFSI applications. As a result of this, Software Testing is of high demand with adequate Domain Knowledge.
Health care as know in American terms includes several sectors which are very much dedicated to provide services and products in order to improve individual health. This includes health care equipment and pharmaceuticals, services, biotechnology and life sciences.

According to United Nations standards, the word health care refers to hospital activities, medical and dental services and other activities related to human health.

Scope of Software Testing:

Testing the Health care applications need much expertise and effort in order to meet the increasing requirements for the interoperability and regular compliance. The key aspects in testing Health care applications are:
  1. Conformance Testing: Testing is performed in order to check whether the product or a system meets the specified standards that have been developed for efficiency and interoperability. Products tested in such a manner are then advertised as being certified by the organization as complying with the standards. 
  2. Interoperability Testing: Testing is performed in order to ensure compatibility with the existing equipment or with other systems 
  3. Clinical Enterprise Workflow Testing: Testing performed to check the healthcare specific workflows across the enterprise 
  4. Healthcare Imaging Testing: Verification of medical imaging applications including specialized test automation tools such as MESA, DVT, Mirth 
  5. Regulatory Testing: Testing performed on medical applications and devices which are for specific FDA requirements, VA requirements, etc.
Utilities industry incorporates companies which offer services like Electric power, Steam supply, natural gas and sewage removal.
Utilities sector is now mainly concentrating on a major change by anticipating a world with a much wider range of technologies and where the shape of the industry changes. Companies are seeking to extend their value chain both upward and downward to secure supply and end-markets. The traditional boundaries that define the utilities industry are becoming blurred as the interdependence of different energy sectors and between utility and technology companies are becoming more critical.
Goods which are bought and sold to the end users is termed as “Retail”.
The scope of Retail in the current market situation is growing high as the organized retail sector has grown from 3% to 25-30% in India.
Wal-Mart, Tesco, Germany's Metro AG and many others are the Global retail giants which are ready to enter the retail markets. The main reason for these companies to enter into the retailing business is the increasing demand of branded products and increase in purchasing power has lured these companies.
Scope of Software Testing:
The key objective of a retailer is to build a customer focus business by improving customer satisfaction and win over the loyalty of a customer. This objective can be achieved by ensuring the effective store and site design and also the accurate and reliable data availability (customers, vendors, on stores).
The key areas of focus are:
1. Collecting the data from various services
2. Collation of the data and present it in a consistent manner and managing its speed
Buying and selling of goods services on the internet is termed as “E-Commerce”. Sometimes, the word “e-Business and e-Commerce” are often used interchangeably.
The main aspects of e-Commerce are:
1. Online retail selling (e-tailing) on websites with online catalogs
2. Usage of demographic data through web contacts
3. EDI (Electronic Data Interchange), business to business exchange of data
4. Reaching customers through email, social networking and instant messaging
5. Buying and selling through business to business
6. Maintaining security of business transactions
Scope of Software Testing:
Testing is very critical in e-Commerce as a small failure will cost heavily by loosing most of the revenue and also it will be more expensive if the customer seeks alternative sites. New approach of testing e-Commerce applications is required as thorough testing is not feasible due to time constraints and pressures.
The main objectives of testing e-Commerce applications are:
1. Scalable
2. Usability
3. Security
4. Reliability
5. Maintainability
6. Availability to all the users
Telecom (Telecommunication) is a term used for the process of exchange and transmission of messages electronically.
Telecom sector is growing at a greater speed by doubling its growth every passing year. At present, there are many new developments happening, one of the most interesting development is the ingress to 3G technology.
MTNL, BSNL, VSNL are the public players involved in the country along with the private players such as Airtel, Vodafone, Idea , Tata, Reliance entering into foreign markets as well.
Scope of Software Testing:
The main objective of a Telecom Testing is to establish quality communication services.
Telecom testing is much more complicated than any other software testing in terms of environment, hand offs and technology. The major need for proper telecom testing is the merger and acquisition among the key vendors which leads to the difficulties or more risks in the integration.
Hence, there is more need of holistic approach for the performing effective telecom testing.

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