What is the fundamental difference between Testing Techniques & Testing Methodologies?

The term "technique" refers to the procedure and skill required to accomplish something.

Testing techniques:

1) boundary value analysis
2) equivalence partitioning
3) decision table testing
4) cause-effect diagrams
5) work-flow diagrams
6) decision-tree analysis
7) state and event tables

The term "method" refers to a body of techniques which is used in a particular discipline. Test methodology is the approach of testing. i.e by which means we are going to test a component. it may be manual or automation using tools.

Testing methods:
1) Black box
2) White box
3) Gray box
4) Sanity
5) Smoke
6) Stress
7) Regression
8) Acceptance
9) Load
10) Stability
11) Performance
12) Functional

I will be using a particular testing technique in a particular method of testing to achieve a testing goal.

For eg:

I can use Boundary value Technique in the Black Box Testing Method to achive the scenario tested.

We can say the technique is a sub set of Methodology

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Vatsal Shah said...

Dear Friends,

Tesing techniques constitute of : Equivalent class Partitioning Boundary Value Analysis Error Guessing for Black Box.

Statement Coverage Condition Coverage for White Box testing.

Test Methodology : It is the way we are going to appraoch a project. It is nothing but method we are following in out project.


Vatsal Shah

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