FoneMonkey: Free iPhone Application Testing Tool

Since many days I am getting question’s about automation testing tool for mobile application testing.Even after so many updates I could get only few tools which I have listed in my post earlier.But now here is one good news for all mobile applications testers and developers. Gorilla Logic, an enterprise IT consulting services firm has just launched there completely free functional testing tool for iphone mobile applications named FoneMonkeyTM.It is a completely Free and open source automation tool for iphone mobile application.

    Features of FoneMonkeyTM

  • Free and open source automation tool for iphone mobile application.
  • This is World’s first iPhone functional testing tool
  • Ability to record, edit, and playback user interface tests and fully automate iPhone app testing
  • Designed to be used as a standalone, interactive recording and playback tool
  • Using FoneMonkey, you can create suites of tests that automate performing user operation sequences and verifying results
  • It is designed to support developer as well as QA testing, and FoneMonkey tests can be easily incorporated into continuous integration environments
  • It is designed to provide developers with a tool to decrease development time through reduced regression risk and address management’s concerns about unforeseen costs resulting from inefficient, manual testing.


You can download Gorillalogic’s FoneMonkeyTM(automation tool for ipbhone mobile application)from the following link


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