Few things I hate about Testing !!!

1) Clients or PM's asking to certify a release. Against what? for what? they have no answer.
2) Testers testing on a developer's PC, and bad lab environment for testing.
3) Generate and share meaningless reports/metrics.
4) Answering why automation is not a silver bullet. (I have a separate widget in by blog because of this)
5) Waiting for the release to happen from development team.
6) when my PM addresses me and my team as QA lead or QA team. (I hate the term QA)
7) Compromising on testing time and hence,on testing , to meet deadlines.
8) Releasing builds in release mode instead of debug mode to avoid pains to give the final build in release mode, and yet, force the tester to reproduce the bug which cant be hit easily.
9) Making last minute changes in a build that has been passed as ready to release just before the release is scheduled and then request to test that build.
10) Expecting the tester to be polite to the developer always while conveying bugs in their code, but never giving the same fair level of treatment to testers who, get to face the developer's guns just because they do their job.
11) Not keeping the testing team in loop always for the latest changes.
12) Meaningless Test Metrics leading us to endless cycle of wrong decision making - Garbage In (wrong metics), Garbage Out (wrong decisions)
13) Frustrating moments like criticism from stakeholders for delaying the release.
14) Documentation eating up tester's productive time.
15) When PM says "the document should be professionally well written and formatted; and client should like it"'
16) Generating & emailing test reports which nobody reads. if email gets delayed PM or the management asks "What's the status?"
17) Developers ask for actual page loading time under normal user load after looking at load test report.
18) Everybody has quality center access; but PM wants defect report to be extracted in excel and send to him through emails.
19) Release sent without testing; and when client sends defects testers have to answer.
20) After doing months of research boss asking to download and study the tool called "abc"; but in reality that's a company named "abc" providing certain services...!
21) If there is a field complaint , project management questions a tester "why not detected earlier ?" (before asking a developer why this defect is introduced)
22) When testers are asked to contact a developer to define what to test !
23) When a developer says the error is not reproducible.. but easily reproducible in tester's workbench...

There are many more challenges...but I like to limit... :)

Thanks & Regards ,

Prashant Vadher | QA Engineer


Rolf said...

We actually taste the software, not just test, but still testers are inferior as compared to developers

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