5 Things to keep in mind before starting Mobile Application Testing

Before starting testing any mobile applications (let it be .chatting tools, social networking, games, business apps) there are some things that a Mobile Application Tester should go through for effective testing.

  1. Analyzing similar applications:- Try to analyze some other application which are similar to your application.For example if you have to test any media sharing application on Mobile just search for some other media sharing applications and observe its feature.
  2. Keep your emulator ready for testing:- Some times it takes times for processing any request for example for downloading any media files or for loading an page on device.In this case to save time you may try some test with your emulator so that this time will be utilized and overall time in testing will be reduced.
  3. Analyze the device related issues:- When it is deviced which are the target devices do not forget to have a look on device related known issues.This will help you understand which are the issues related to device and which are due to your application uder test.
  4. Use emulator but don’t completely trust it:- While testing you may take help of emulator but please note that all the test can not be performed in emulator.Also in emulator response time is faster,so it may happen you may miss some issue which comes in weak network on actual devices.
  5. Define the performance criteria:- For any mobile applications performance is one of the most important concern.Make sure you are having some performance parameters so that you will be testing the mobile applications against it.Since Memory is one of the constraints for mobile devices performance and behavior of your application under these conditions is interesting things to see.

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Hemal Shrimarkar said...

In today’s technically advanced world, one cannot live without a Smartphone. Really it very interesting.Mobile Application Testing is very useful on that day..Your blog is very informative…

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